Mark Laurent

by Mark Laurent

Graffiti 03:22
GRAFFITI The rules seem hard from where you stand with that spray can in your hand you’re painting your protest on the factory walls to avoid th4 blame you do your campaigning in the dead of night blaze your anger in t horning light you’re speaking your mind the best way that you know making a scene but avoiding the show you don’t want no-one to argue with you no-one to shout you down. So you light up a joint to avoid the point because that’s the way you choose “A toke or two will blow away my blues” – (that’s what you’re thinking) but you feel so mad ‘cause life’s so sad and the world’s so black shake your fist at it then you turn your back you’r3 drowning your sorrow in a fantasy to escape form the person you don’t want to be but everything’s just the same when you come down. In disillusionment your youth’s been spent and your heart is so cold I know how you feel man I’ve been that road I used to march the streets, chant all the slogans and fight for peace but nothing I did could release the load – until somebody told me “If it’s hope and truth that you’re looking for love is th4 key and Jesus is the door” when you find reality you just can’t let it lie so don’t be afraid to give his new way a try and we’ll be standing here, waiting for your reply.
CAPTAIN CHRISTIAN MEETS THE SATAN STEAMER Captain Christian went sailing across the sea headed for the promised land with the sword of the spirit strapped right to his side and the book of life firmly in his hand he’s a travelling traveller, riding the waves you know he’s gonna take the big one all the way hey, hey! Look at th3 dark clouds gathering in the sky black billows begin to blow and that old Satan Steamer comes shooting over the horizon gonna give you a broadside, that’s for sure you know th3 devil’s a pirate, try to st3al your soul now he’s bound to try it, so you’ve got to let him know you just won’t go. …Everything seemed to be going so well before, just cruising along, then the sky began to get dark, the waves got bigger – pretty soon w3 were throwing everything overboard just to stay afloat. And when we hadn’t seen the sun or moon or stars for I don’t know how many days we’d given up all hope that we’d be saved. Then somebody said “Hey, why don’t you call out to Jesus, he’ll show you the way!” – ah, so that’s what we did. Because when you need him, he’s always there… Then Admiral Jesus came sailing down out of heaven riding th4 light on th4 edg3 of a cloud and that old Satan Steamer went sinking below the waves with just one o4rd from th4 admiral’s mouth now Captain Christian is learning to fly following Jesus, and leaving the past behind leave it!
YOU MOST OF ALL I like the sunshine warm upon a beach of sand shimmering light on a sea of blue I like the feel of water trickling through my hand but most of all I like you most of all I like you. I’ve got some plans and things I’d like to do with my time I know you’ve got your visions too we need direction to keep us walking on this line but most of all I need you most of all I need you. To live is to love, to love it to live to give is to have, to have is to give to live is to love, to lov4 is to live. I love to hear the children playing out in the street I love our friends, we’ve got a few alone I’m empty but together we’re complete and most of all I love you most of all I like you Most of all I need you, yes I do, but most of all I love you.
TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER Take me to your leader, I’ve heard that he is near I’d really like to ask him why on earth he put me here they say that he’s got answers to the questions in my mind and answers to those questions I’d really like to find Take me to your leader, I’d really like to know just what it is about him that impresses people so the people who have met him, they really seem to change but me, I’ve always been this way, it all seems kind of strange I’ve spent my whole life wandering aimlessly around now I’m standing at this crossroads, I’m hoping to get fvound Take me to your leader, I’d really like to see if the things that he has done for others he could do for me if Jesus is the answer then I’m ready to believe but this time I want to make real sure, I’m tired of being deceived It’s not the fear of dying that’s brought me to this place but more the light of happiness that I’ve seen upon your face So take me to your leader, they say it isn’t hard you don’t need past experience, you don’t need a credit card if I could just see Jesus then I’d know that he is true but the Jesus that I need to see is the Jesus within you.
IF YOU KNOW THESE THINGS If any man will come after Jesus let him deny himself take up his cross every day and follow him if we try to save our own life you know we’ll lose it in the end but if we give our life to Jesus he’s going to give it right on back again. There is no greater love than this that a man should give up his life for his friends and he did it for us so now our lives need never end and even though Jesus is Lord of all he laid his own glory aside and if we’ll do the same for each other he’s going to come back and take us a his bride (to the other side). It’s not so much what we know about the Lord as what we’ll do for him that counts because faith without works is dead and faith is what living is all about (and there’s no doubt) that no man can serve two masters and every one of us must decide so come on let’s follow Jesus and leave our old lives behind. If we know these things, happy are we if we do them if we know these things then we might as well obey happy is the man who serves the Lord.
EASY TO IMAGINE It’s easy to imagine everything is alright when you’re sitting at home in your Lazy Boy chair in the television light sipping you Coca Cola whiling away the night but how would you spend tomorrow if Jesus came back tonight? It’s easy to imagine this old world will be just fine when you’re out together with all your old friends round a bottle of wine listening to the Rolling Stones talking about old times but what would you talk about tomorrow if Jesus came back tonight? A house of clay won’t stand forever and your dreams will fade with the dawn and what will you find to occupy your time when all your time is gone? It’s easy to imagine nothing’s ever going to change tomorrow will be just like yesterday and every day’s the same so you might as well just do your own thing and get on with the game but what will you do with tomorrow if Jesus comes back tonight? where will you be tomorrow if Jesus comes back tonight?
High Road 05:27
HIGH ROAD Take the high road said the prophet turn you eyes above the valley floor take the high rod, for life walks upon it you need be weighed down no more see the shepherd on the hillside walking home with his sheep by his side Take the high road in the sunlight turn your back upon the cold twilight take the high road while it is yet day the night is coming when there’ll be no light to show the way fire is burning on the hillside hear the children dance and sing Take the high road, long and narrow to the mountain of the holy one take the high road, past the fountain to the temple of the living sun for it is written that out of Zion my holy mountain living water shall flow ah let it flow Looking straight ahead there’s only one way to go keep your eyes up front we’re going straight ahead now Take the high road all you children Jesus is calling us to leave this land take the high road, leave the mire he’ll take us higher if we’ll take his hand and when we stand on that mountain we shall see New Jerusalem on the high road.
I BELIEVE IN YOU Rivers flow down to the sea but the sea is never full and the wind is blowing east and west but it goes nowhere at all the sun rises and the sun sets on the same things every day and most of us spend our lives upon this treadmill and I know I’ve lived that way but I believe in you I searched this world for happiness but no matter what I tried all those things men hold so dear just never satisfied because there is no peace in getting high no joy in fortune or fame and I never knew what life was all about until I heard your name and I believe in you What must I do to be saved, can you tell me please? I’m so tired of living in limbo, now I’m down on my knees I’m down on my knees This life is full of mysteries too wonderful to know but there’s just one thing that’s clear to me that’s the way you love me so and I won’t try to philosophise or impress men with the things I say and do but I’ll just try to share some of your love the way you taught me to because I believe in you.
CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM For so long we had been imprisoned by you lies you flattered us with your tongues beguiling us with your eyes you picked our pockets just to build your little paper towers mesmerized us with your technological voodoo power. But we are the children of Abraham headed for the promised land we are a remnant escaped out of Babylon washed in the blood of the Lamb. Some trust in the speed of their chariots some in the power of the horse some trust in their riches of gold an silver but we will trust in the Lord.


released January 10, 1982


all rights reserved



Mark Laurent Auckland, New Zealand

I've been a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter for 40 years, & I've recorded & worked on many albums. I'm also an author with 4 collections of poetry & an illustrated children's storybook published, & I've written articles & reviews for various magazines. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. As well as cafes, concerts & churches I also do a bit of busking to keep in touch with the 'real world'. ... more

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