by Mark Laurent

STILL HOLDING ON I tried to hold all the fears I had inside but I should have realised it’d take a miracle to pull me through now at the end of the day I’m still holding on to you It’s OK to just walk away should you lose the inclination to stay (that’s what they say) but they don’t confess the emptiness that selfishness can bring us to so at the end of the day I’m still holding on to you I’m so small, but you’re so tall you pick me up should I happen to fall now I’m standing in your shadow but I don’t mind if I do ‘cos at the end of the day I’m still holding on to you Well I tried to hold all the fears I had inside you know I had this plan to be Superman but I’m still human through and through and at the end of the day I’m still holding on to you.
The Way 05:18
THE WAY Wide is the road that leads to destruction and many go that way it’s an easy trip when you’re floating downstream but it does not pay straight is the path that leads to heaven and narrow is the gate every one of us must face this decision which will be our fate? Thee ar3 so many talkers in this world they’re all claiming to be right but all they do is add to the confusion what un unhappy plight but Jesus said “If you’ll hold to my words then the truth will make you free” so if we’ll practice what he has been preaching we will plainly see – why he says. I am the way, won’t you follow me I am the truth you must obey I am the life and I will live in you if you’ll open your heart today. The devil only comes to steal and to destroy to kill and to deceive but Jesus came that we might have his life and that abundantly he lays before us blessing and cursing it’s the choice that we must make so if you can hear his voice he’s calling you choose life for heaven’s sake.
Hey Jesus 03:22
HEY JESUS Hey Jesus, hey Jesus, why do you love us like you do? You created this world for your pleasure and you made man to be just like you but we’ve thrown away life’s greatest treasure now we’re ever so lost without you still you promised to see us through. You came down and dwelt among us like a peasant a stranger in the midst of your own and you laid down you life a a present so that darkness by light was overthrown no greater love has mankind ever known. You have given back the eyes to this blind man made a home for those who felt alone and for the sake of your prodigal children you were crushed like grain beneath a stone and the seeds of love you have sown. Now you’re sitting on your throne in heaven and you hold this old world in your hands and though we hurt you, you just keep on forgiving us and you promise that you love will never end I guess we just don’t understand your love I guess we just don't understand.
Tempted 04:45
TEMPTED My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? my God, my God, my doubts to darkness have taken me lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. My God, my God, you were tempted just like me my God, my God, in the wilderness and Gethsemane lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. My God, my God, you lovefd me quite enough to die my God, my God, and if I follow so may I lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. My God, my God, you’re the way, the truth and the life my God, my God, the darkness cannot quench your light lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.
Brand New 03:50
BRAND NEW BLUES Well I used to drink whisky But I won’t do that any more Yeah I used to drink whisky Bu I won’t do that any more Because since I followed Jesus I chased that old mistress right out the door. Well I used to smoke on Sundays A little grass would get me high Yeah I used to smoke on Sundays A little grass would get me high But since I followed Jesus, I found out He’s got the only way to fly. There’s lots of things that try to make you happy But they never last too long Lots of things that try to satisfy But they’ll never do it, no matter how strong But if you follow Jesus He’s going to give you a brand new song. Yeah I used to drink whisky But I won’t do that any more And I used to smoke on Sunday But every Monday morning you’d find me down on the floor But since I follow Jesus I don’t have to sing the blues any more.
Job's Blues 03:42
JOB’S BLUES One man is rich, another man is poor where is the justice? Who knows what it’s all for? blessed be the Lord, blessed be the Lord whatever happens, blessed be the Lord. I’ve been down, I’ve been up taste the wine, drunk the dregs from the cup blessed be the Lord, blessed be he Lord whatever happens, blessed be the Lord. I am a young man and wisdom does not dwell with me but there’s one thing I’ve learned that’s to put away things too hard for me blessed be the Lord, blessed be the Lord whatever happens, blessed be the Lord. The Lord gives - sometimes he takes away and there is nothing that anyone can say except blessed be the Lord, blessed be the Lord whatever happens, say blessed be the Lord.
I Wonder Why 05:07
I WONDER WHY 38 years ago I came upon this land to a city of refugees, I’ve been doing the best I can but sometimes it seems so hard living what I believe and even my best attempts fall short of the wisdom that I perceive Prodigal children, like sheep we have gone astray caught on this treadmill, all living our separate ways but deep inside we know that something is wrong the pieces just don’t seem to fit we tell our stories, we sing our songs but that just doesn’t make it We are all travellers living in a foreign land seeking our destiny - a picture, a plan but I know there is a way that’s higher than the ways of man Oh Lord please help me to see the truth show me who I am In the darkness of the night when shadows make me stumble peering toward the light I reach for you and I wonder why I do.
Soul Of A Man I've got to ask this question Tell me if you can Can anybody's children answer Tell me what is the soul of a man Won't somebody tell me Answer if you can Can anybody's children answer What is the soul of a man? I've traveled many countries Seen The Ocean and the burning sand I couldn't find anybody to answer What is the soul of a man Somebody tell me ... I saw a crowd was gathered I came up just in time To hear the doctors and the lawyers saying That a man is nothing but his mind Somebody tell me ... I read the bible often I try to read it right As far as I dan understand It ain't nothin' but a burning light Somebody tell me ... When Christ taught in the temple The people all stood amazed He was showing the doctors and the lawyers How to raise a man from the grave Somebody tell me ... What is the soul of a man?
Trust 04:06
TRUST Why wake up early And go to bed so late When worry won’t add one minute to your time (I’m learning to put away things too hard for me) Consider the sparrows See how the lilies grow God himself takes care of all their needs So how much more must he care for us When he gave so much to make us free. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord. I spent most of my life Chasing fantasies The grass was always greener over there I’ve hands-full of nothing for my care And you seem so anxious About so many things But just one thing is needful in the end Hold onto that good part, my friend On this you can depend. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord. The world is in anguish Like a woman giving birth Our foolishness and sin have brought this on Now the time is at hand, it won’t be long As we stand in the valley of decision every day Fear can make you feel so paralysed But there’s a bright road up ahead If we’ll open up our eyes. And blessed are those who trust in the Lord.
NO MORE COMPROMISE No more compromise a double-minded man is so unstable no more compromise make the choice while you’re still able because time is running out and when it does there won’t be no choosing any more No more compromise no man can serve two masters open up your eyes – you’ll see the chasm growing so much faster between the good and the evil to one or the other you must be reconciled You’ve got to be cold or hot you’ll never make it if you’re not it’s all or nothing, and there’s no doubt the truth is either black or it’s white there’s no shadow in His sight and if you’re not in you’ll be left out. No more compromise if you can say ‘Jesus is my Lord’ look up to the skies turn your heart from the lures of this world forgetting the things behind and reaching forward to the high calling of God.
REASON TO BELIEVE Well a man stands by the roadside Looks at a dead dog in the ditch Lord he’s feeling kind of funny Poking that dog with a stick He things if he waits there long enough Maybe that dog will get up and leave At the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe My little baby Joni She loved me mean and true She said “I’m going to do anything for ya Bring all my money home to you” But I went off and left her like a fool Now I sit along and grieve Still at the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe Now I wake up in the morning Wipe the sleep out of my eyes Lord I’m looking out my dirty old window See the grey clouds of the cold winter skies And it makes me feel so low-down Sometimes I wonder why we bother to breathe Yet at the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe Lord every day is different And no two days are quite the same Sometimes this world seems so crazy It’s even hard to remember your own name Life is such a funny thing And we’d all like to just get up and leave But at the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe I saw the congregation gathered At the ending of the day They sit in the golden light of the sunset Hear the words the preacher man has to say Some of those things he talks about You know they seem pretty hard to conceive Yet at the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe.
SAME OLD STORY It’s the same old story And the same old show That’s what you’re thinking Well I only wish that you could know That I’m not up here for laughs And life’s much more than money But it’s Jesus that you need And he sent me to sow the seed “That’s words, just words, But we need something real” That’s what I’ve heard you say But words are only the messengers For the feelings that words cannot convey But my words will just slip by If you’re not prepared to try them How can you hope to feel What he wants you to feel? Yes, and how many times Have you laughed between the lines “Jesus loves you, he died for you, He’ll set you free”? But you just shook him off You lift up your head and scoff If you close your eyes How can you expect to see You’ve got your mind made up About something you don’t even understand You cover your ears with your hands Well that doesn’t make sense to me So you’ll go on back To your nowhere track Where your dreams lie buried in the ground And you can party all night But you curse the daylight And the happiness that you’ve never found Then you’ll pick up the pieces Of your broken existence And try to make them fit some other way around There is no doctrine Or no magical potion That can carry you to heaven’s gate Because Jesus is the way And he’s calling you today For the hour is getting late And there’s just no use to hide In the shadow of your pride Because if you go back down this time You might never get it straight Jesus still loves you And he’s reaching out with his hand And all you have to do Is give your broken heart to him And he’ll give his everything to you And I wouldn’t be here Singing these songs And sounding like a fool If Jesus wasn’t true.
23 04:03
23 The Lord is my shepherd, I have all I need I lie down to rest in places so green peaceful waters restore my soul I have walked in the valley of death but your great love has not failed me yet your grace and your justice comfort me You make me walk in the paths that are right and I will praise your name every night My table is set before those who scorn but I’m not afraid of the blessings you’ve borne as heavenly kindness pours down on me Goodness and mercy, an end to all strife follow me all the days of my life a home in heaven is waiting for me.
QUIET IN THE EYE OF THE STORM When you’re feeling troubled all the things you do they just bring you low and your mind is muddled why don’t you let Jesus know you can always let Jesus know because he’s the quiet in the eye of the storm Jesus This world is so full of tension all the rumours and the wars will they never cease if you’re heart’s full of apprehension Jesus will give you peace only Jesus can give you peace ‘cos he’s the quiet in the eye of the storm Jesus Like the fiery furnace and the lion’s den like trying to sail your boat amidst and angry sea or sweating drops of blood in a dark garden Jesus knows how you feel so if you want to touch something real he’s the quiet in the eye of the storm Jesus.
MAKER OF THE SKY Far above all heavens Maker of the sky Forever is your kingdom In your hand am I And I rest at your feet.


This album was recorded (direct to DAT) at two Auckland house concerts on 13th June and 12th September, 1992.

Sound Engineer: Steve Hayr (Subliminal Recording Studio)

First remaster to CD in April 2001 by Robbie Duncan at Braeburn Recording Studio, Khandallah, Wellington.
Second (current) remaster by me in April 2020.

Cover Photos: Nigel Atkins
Cover Design: Brenda Liddiard

Thanx to Brenda, my best friend and spiritual midwife; Mike Reid, for the biggest heart and the keenest ears; Andrew and Sue Hoggard, for cheerfully opening your home, your hearts and your fridge to our invasion; God, for rain on the roof and miscellaneous tangible ambiences; Steve, for giving so much of your time and talent; Russell and Hilary Mathieson, for encouraging me to resurrect 'Quiet in the Eye of the Storm'; Everybody who kept asking "When's the next album coming?". All those who attended the concerts and gave of yourselves to make them work; You who bought this album – you've made it worthwhile.

All songs are mine, except 'Soul of a Man', which is by Blind Willie Johnson, 'Reason to Believe', which is my rewrite of a Bruce Springsteen song, & of course the lyrics of 23 are from the famous psalm.

'Tempted' (Track 4) did not appear in the original 1992 release.


released September 12, 1992

Brenda Liddiard - Mandolin, second guitar, bvs
Mark Laurent - guitar, harmonica, vocal


all rights reserved



Mark Laurent Auckland, New Zealand

I've been a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter for 40 years, & I've recorded & worked on many albums. I'm also an author with 4 collections of poetry & an illustrated children's storybook published, & I've written articles & reviews for various magazines. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. As well as cafes, concerts & churches I also do a bit of busking to keep in touch with the 'real world'. ... more

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